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The First HR Tech China has its grand opening in April, 2016 at Zhuhai.

The exhibition brought together nearly 60 leading HR technology companies, including ADP, Oracle, SAP, Starbang, KNX, Beisen etc.About 7,000 professional attendees have closely contacted with new products, technologies of human resources.

The US Chairman of HR Tech China Steve Boese presided over the opening ceremony, Vice Mayor of Zhuhai Liu Jiawen, the 24th US Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao and other important guests attended the opening ceremony and made wonderful speeches.

The senior guests from top HR organizations provided dozens of wonderful speeches about “HR technology”

  • Frank A. Ricciardi

    Vice President &General Manager, Asia Pacific &Japan, Cornerstone
    ´I Think it's fantastic!´
  • Madeline Laurano

    Co-founder, Aptitude Research Partners
    ´It’s been a wonderful experience, really engaged audience, So many people attended, it’s very passionate about the HR Technology and we are so impressed……´
  • Lingyan Zhao

    Founder & President of Pipapai
    ´Thousands of attendees which is more than expected, everyone is active and focused on the speech,raised good question… ´
  • Kevin Wheeler

    Founder & Chairman, Future of Talent Institute
    ´This is a very interesting conference,showing products for today and the future. I am really surprised that so many people came that are fascinate.´
  • David

    Founder of HMC Emotion & Stress Management Research Center
    ´It’s quite an international events comparing with others we have attended…´
  • Sophie.J.Ren

    Founder of Douxing
    ´I gained greatly here and many companies within the industry attend this exhibition… ´
  • Dr. King

    CEO of “e-sign”
    ´The scale and the service are beyond my expectations…´
  • Zachary Thomas

    Vice President , HCM Cloud Strategy, Oracle
    ´It’s great, all the speakers are wonderful, I think everybody are really really engaged…´
  • Nick Xin

    SrVicePresident,Shanghai KNX
    ´So many friends including foreign professional attendees come to the exhibition which tell how popular the exhibition is, we will come next year…´

Attendees also gave positive recognition and expectations to the expo

  • Miss Zhang

    HR professional in Chongqing
    ´Very shocked, and very rewarding! After finishing yesterday's forum, I feel the new technologies, new industry concept will have a very big impact to us practitioners, a lot to harvest from. ´
  • Miss Lan

    Li Bang Human Resources, Chongqing
    ´First of all, I'm grateful for having a chance to participate in such event, and it's free as well! Brought us a lot of foreign, human resources related information. Last night we went back with our partners to sum up to eleven o'clock. Learnt a lot of new things´
  • Miss Gao

    Marketing, Bei Sen Cloud Computing
    ´A lot of knowledge gained from yesterday, including Xiaolan Zhao's speech, she bought some very interesting ideas about cloud computing technologies from the US and it provided great insights into discovering new demands for talent management´
  • Representative from China Qingdao International Economic and Technical Cooperation (Group) Co,Ltd
    ´Apart from Miss Xiaolan Zhao, there are many other influential HR experts from overseas, as well as new generation CEOs. It's a very internationalized event and I harvested a lot from it. ´
  • Attendee

    ´The forum is very good, not just about human resources technology, but also the development trend of the entire human resources industry. It taught us to properly plan and execute rather than playing catch up with the current situation changes´
  • Haiyan Li

    HR manager of Dong Ying Sheng Tai Wei Ye.
    ´By participating in the exhibition, I gained a lot, it broaden my horizons by understanding the HR technology applications from many internaltional firms. This will become the next focus point of our company, especially the role of technology in the labor force. It allowed us to realize the need to use technology to arm human resources development.´
  • Attendee

    ´Training and also planning to tackle education related business. It was my honor to get exposure to such a high-end forum in the initial preparation process of my business. I think human resources is a very important part of the company. I felt I've learnt a lot from this expo even I'm no expert in the HR line of work´