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Introduction of HR Technology Conference & Expo

HR Technology Conference & Expo is the world's largest and most comprehensive world-class exhibition of human resources, services, products and technologies. Since its inception in 1988, there have been 19 expos held successfully, total participants of more than hundreds of thousands of people, covering dozens of countries and regions around the world, affecting more than a few million international companies.


In 2016, the HR Technology Conference & Expo was introduced into Asia for the first time. The first China International Human Resources Service Products and Technology Exhibition was held in Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The expo attracted  a number of well-known corporate executives and senior HR experts including the 24th Minister of Labor Zhao. The conference brought together nearly 60 domestic and foreign leading human resources technology enterprises including ADP, Oracle, SAP, Da Bang, KNX and Bei Sen. In its two days of showing, nearly 7,000 professional visitors were present and experienced the human resources services in various fields of new products, new technologies and new ideas.


After a lapse of one year, such a high standard of expo will be held again in Shanghai! Sincerely look forward to your arrival!

Time and location:

June 6 - 7, 2017

China, Shanghai International Convention Center (2727 Binjiang Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai)

Conference slogan

The evolution of 700 million workplace people.

—HR + AI = Human Future.

Conference highlights

•           China's strongest international HR technology platform

•           Gather of world's top HR service providers and technology providers

•           Covering the latest trends and content of global HR development

•           Dozens of highly anticipated HR forums

•           A number of HR technology products and applications to enhance the level of cross-border HR management

•           The debut of HR outstanding service providers

Conference size

•           35 sessions of forum, activities

•           60 domestic and foreign HR service providers

•           4000 entrepreneurs, HR professionals

•           6300 forum and communication exchange area

Conference content

The 2nd China (Shanghai) International Human Resource Service Products and Technology Conference will continue to introduce new breakthroughs in the field of "Internet + human resources", focusing on artificial intelligence, digitization and globalization of human resources.


The conference will continue to introduce new technologies, new trends and the latest service products, including SaaS (software as a service), cloud computing, social, mobile, video, big data analysis and other IT and AI based  human resource services (eg, recruitment, staffing, employee relations, training, compensation, benefits, performance, consulting, investigation, compliance, outsourcing, planning, forecasting, etc.).