Why exhibit?
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Why exhibit?

If you are

1) Internet + human resources field (emerging Internet / artificial intelligence + human resources related areas of business, with certain technical capacity, new business or product promotion needs, innovative in the industry)

2) Human resources enterprises (good reputation,  prominent products in internet/AI innovative development)

3) Internet technology application-oriented enterprises (relevant products in human resources management)


You must not miss this!

Through the world's most comprehensive human resources technology conference platform, you can ...

1, put yourself with the world famous enterprises, guests on the international stage

2, spread latest business ideas, solutions, products and services and technical advantages

3, directly face customer decision-making, help enterprises to expand China and the Asia-Pacific market

3, publicity to enhance corporate brand image

4, the best of  international human resources management technology and forward-looking ideas

5, multi-level, all-round experience and learn from the same field of international well-known enterprises in corporate wisdom and development experience;

6, closely inspect mobile Internet technology development combined with traditional human resources practices

7, a full range of powerful media coverage, help enterprises to create first-class communication platform


And much more...


Our audience will come from the following functional areas:


1, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer

2, Chief Talent Officer

3, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer

4, vice president, director and other senior management from the following areas:

- Human Resources

- Human Resource Management Strategy

- Talent Management

- Recruitment

- Compensation

- Training & Learning

- Employee relationship / communication

- Human capital management

- Information Technology

- Development

- Employee benefit

- Payroll

5, The relevant government departments and industry associations, research institutions

6, Human resources service providers

7, Human resources media, journalists and independent analysts


Our audience is looking for products and services in the following areas:



         Compensation and Payroll


         Employee and Manager Self-Service

         Employee Communications




         Performance Management





         Social Media

         Talent Management

         Testing and Surveys

         Time and Attendance

         Training and Development

         Workforce Analytics

         Workforce Management

         Workforce Planning