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Speaker name: Wangyu

Company:China Career Integrity League

Current position: sponsor

Personal profile :VP of 99bill(like Paypal in USA)8 years experience of management at Payment & Credit Industry Master degree graduated from Tsinghua University FMBA graduated from CEIBS

Speech topic: technical career integrity 2.0

Brief introduction of the speech: the new era of career integrity is coming. In the future, everyone will have their own personal career credit report made by Zhiliao. within the transformation from “made in china to design in china”, the human resources has need to synchronized escalating as well. Actually, Chinas career credit situation is unsatisfactory. In  this Apr.12, the 2017 China career integrity research reporthas released by  People Daily Online, zhaopin.com(ZPIN),and Zhiliao Background Screening. this report represents that 83% of HR and individuals concerned about the career integrity. The career integrity has  negative impact of their company and their own career life. alsoit shows that the most serious aspects of the integrity of their career is resume fraud.