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Zhu Hongren

Speaker name: Zhu Hongren

Company: China Enterprise Confederation, China Enterprise Directors Association

Current position: Standing Vice President

Personal profile:Former Industry and Information Department Party Member, Chief Engineer;

Current Standing Vice President of China Enterprise Confederation & China Enterprise Directors Association

Speech topic: Chinese Innovation and Human Resource Technology

Brief introduction of the speech:

With the development of Internet technology and Artificial Intelligence, the cross-border integration of different industries has been more and more obvious. Chinese enterprises’ subsistence and development have encountered unprecedented challenge and opportunities. The only path to reverse the situation is innovation: to break the existent industrial barrier; and to better achieve the synergy and integration among enterprises and industries. Innovation drive, the perpetual main line in the development of China, is ultimately about talents. It means that enterprises need to utilize human resource technology to raise enterprise talent competence in order to better prepare for further challenges.