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Steve Boese

Steve Boese, Co-Chair, HR Technology Conference, President, H3 HR Advisors

Steve brings more than twenty years of experience in the design and implementation of complex human resources technology solutions for global enterprises. Currently, Steve is the Inside HR Tech Columnist for Human Resource Executive® and HREonline.com. Steve is also a leading HR blogger and hosts the "HR Happy Hour Show," a popular radio program and podcast dedicated to opening the lines of communication among HR thought leaders, practitioners and service providers in the global human resource field.


Consumerism, Personalization, and the Evolution of HR and Workplace Technology


No employee has ever looked forward to receiving an email with the subject of “Mandatory training on the new HR system”. Why? Because traditionally HR and other workplace technologies were designed by programmers, sold to CIOs or IT leaders, and configured primarily for the needs of the power users in the Payroll and Accounting departments. But a series of tech-driven advances in our personal and consumer lives like E-commerce sites that learn our preferences and make personal product recommendations, smartphones and the emergence of App stores that let us design our own preferred toolsets, “intelligent”, crowd-sourced platforms that help us beat traffic jams, and ubiquitous and constant internet connection have combined to create heightened demands and expectations of workplace technologies that look, feel, and function like the best consumer technologies we have come to love.


In this session, HR Technology Conference Co-Chair Steve Boese will present an overview of why these trends are important for organizations, discuss how HR and business leaders should evaluate technology decisions via this lens of consumerism and personalization, and highlight some current examples of modern HR technologies that incorporate these new capabilities. You will leave this session better prepared to think about your workplace technology though a modern, personal point of view, and develop a plan and direction to make the “Mandatory HR system training” something that every employee can’t wait to attend.